Kindness begets kindness.

it's beautiful.

Before picture of the Kindness Quiche.

Before picture of the Kindness Quiche.

Sometimes our flames flicker. But have you ever taken a candle and touched it to another candle whose flame was flickering? Without any effort whatsoever, the flames join and become a brighter, stronger flame. They separate and both shine bright. Neither lost anything. They both shine bright.

Don't be afraid to lean in. You could brighten someone's world with a small gesture. You will lose nothing and may feel like your own world was brightened too.  

Life is good.

Occasionally I hear from a nursing mom that they are having a tough time with their milk supply. They want to know if there is anything I can do.


I can make steel cut oats with flax and fruit and nuts and nutritional yeast and goodness. It helps boost milk supply. This is also something I like to make as a gift to new mothers celebrating the birth of their new child.

It isn't just for moms either. These oats are packed with fiber and are downright yummy.